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Investing in the Future of Food

Future Foodways was founded to support companies that leverage technology to bring systemic change to the world's food and agriculture ecosystem.

We deploy capital globally to innovative companies across the value chain that understand the urgency of our planet's challenges and have the will and expertise to solve them.


Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is directly linked to the UN SDGs

Future Foodways targets investments in companies which actively develop or extend regen ag practices using nature based solutions and technology focused on:

  • Sustainability of food systems from production through to consumption

  • The quality of food being produced

  • The productivity and income of food producers of all sizes

Our impact strategy is to increase investment in research, development and the demonstration of technologies to measurably improve the sustainability of food systems everywhere.

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Select Partners


Meraki Impact is a Dutch investment company supporting businesses that grow with nature and promote deep environmental impact.

Meraki primarily invests in regenerative agriculture and food technology, following the premise that if we humans learn to produce food with our forests we can stop deforestation and use agriculture for regeneration of degraded land.


Katapult is a group of companies that are investing in and scaling for-profit, early stage impact-focused tech startups.

Katapult give us access to their global community of impact investors, thought leaders and dealflow.